National Academy of Fantastic Art invitational exhibit

In 1986 John L. Heatwole was invited to exhibit work at the Delaware Art Museum as part of a show called the The National Acadamy of Fantastic Art invitational Exhibit.  It was curated by what was known as The National Museum of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

For the occasion of the exhibit there was a printed booklet/list with all of the names of participating artists and their works.  The cover featured a beautiful painting titled “Sentinels” by Michael R. Whelan.  It had an introduction by the Chairman of the National Academy of Fantastic Art internationally known artist James Christensen.  The inside featured beautiful ink drawings by Mr. Christensen.   The booklet was published by Glass Onion Graphics, P.O. Box 88, Brookfield CT  06804 .    The exhibit was on display from September 25 through November 30 1986.  (unfortunately my copy was destroyed in 2010 by a small flood in my basement and the moisture got to most of the records on my father that I had kept since I was a wee lad.)

Other Co-Curators for the National Academy of Fantastic Art show were Hap Henriksen, Michael Whelan, Real Musgrave, (all were also board members)

Others who were listed as being majorly involved with the mounting and producing of the show were Deep in the Heart Art Foundry, Inc in Bastrop, Texas (Steven Logan, Jeff Gillam, Tina Broussard, Sharon Stokey),  Pendragon Gallery (Steve and Cornelia Theys) once located in Annapolis Maryland, Don Maitz for starting it all with the breakthrough exhibit at the New Britain Museum of American Art, Janny Wurts, Ian and Betty Ballantine, Davis Usher of Greenwich Workshop (the world renowned publishers of fine art), Allan Brown and Associates.

The booklet listed the following as participating artists:

Wayne Anderson, Alicia Austin,  Bill Bond, David Cherry, James C. Christensen, Ron Cobb,  Robert De Witt, Leo and Diane Dillon, Pauline Ellison, David Fietze, Brian Froud, James D. Gibson,  Anne Yvonne Gilbert, James Gurney, Joel Hagen, Ray Harryhausen, John L. Heatwole (showing:”Reading the Wind” 8″ Linden Wood, “Journey to a Far Place” 9″ Linden Wood, “Mid-Vision” 6″ Linden Wood, “Old Doc Bear” 7″ Bronze),  Hap Henriksen, Stephen Hickman, Tim Hildebrant, Robero Innocenti, Jael,  Rikki Kipple / Stan Gilbert, Alan Lee, Pamela Lee, James D. Luciana, Carl Lundgren, Don Maitz, Real Musgrave, Kenneth A. Ottinger, Don Ivan Punchatz, Ralle’, Mark W. Robison, Ellisa Schob, Tom Secrest, Gini Shurtleff, John Stephens, William Scott, Dick Thermes,  Dennis E. Thompson, James Warhola, David Thorn Wenzel, Michael Whelan,  Dawn Elizabeth Wilson, Janny Wurtz, Star Liana York.

This show was truly the most amazing exhibit a lover of art and especially fantasy art could have ever have gone to.  I was so proud to have been able to go thanks to my Dad’s involvement.  I was so proud of him and was on high heaven to be eating dinner next to so many talented artists.

I do not know what happened to the Academy.  I know that the economy during that time was stalling their goal of having a permanent home but where that stands now I do not know.  If you are interested in learning more you might start where I would start by searching online to start and then by trying to contact one of the past board members that i listed above.  I think I will go research it now that I am done writing this!


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